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Our Stores

Agata SA is a chain of modern interior accessories stores that is one of the largest distributors of furniture and interior accessories in Poland. This brand offers 32 big-box stores in the largest towns in Poland. The company partners with key manufacturers of furniture and décor accessories in the world. Apart from a vast collection of furniture for various rooms, Agata stores offer a whole spectre of internal decoration accessories, lighting, and textiles.

Agata stores are places where we present our wide offer of furniture and interior design accessories. When visiting each of our 32 stores, you can purchase available products, order furniture to your preferences, or let yourself be inspired with our design. In our stores, you will find example décor. They present individual collections of furniture and various decorative styles. We provide professional advice of our assistants who would be happy to answer your questions. Remember that we do our best to keep our offer in each store as broad as possible, varied and fitted to your needs.